The Ease of Microsoft Application for the Travel Industry

An employee’s ability to effectively manage time is the key to success in any industry or field of endeavor. However, one can waste a lot of time searching for documents that they need. An employee stores files all over several network drives and even some individual desktops.

When project leaders brew up a new project, they have to look for team members and hold meetings. Then emails starts flying back and forth and soon important documents emerge. These documents get passed around and around within a couple of weeks and a couple of dozen phone calls on top of it. Soon enough, everybody feels overwhelmed with everyone else’s inbox filled with slightly different versions of the same document. Also, one is unsure if they do have the latest version. Hence, it is impossible to see a complete snapchat of the entire project. It is just too difficult to connect all data.

The ease of Microsoft Application for the travel industry is beneficial in all aspects.


It offers solutions that contain all industry specific functionalities. The ease of creating an online home for the project by starting a new Microsoft Sharepoint site comes pretty handy. For example, to help fill up the team, one can easily identify potential team members with special skills using the search button. Within minutes travel agents can be found to collaborate on a certain project. Once the team is formed, employees can even learn that they have more in common, thanks to Sharepoint blogs. They will be able to know and share common interests thus help build relationships that create a solid team foundation.

For projects, you have a little to worry about attachments and version control, Microsoft Sharepoint becomes the source for everything related to the project. All documents contained in Sharepoint will only have one version. The same is true for calendars. The team shared calendars means no one has to guess about meeting times or due dates, customer bookings and future trips. Travel agents can soon realize that whenever they need budget spreadsheets and presentations, it comes easy. Instead of employees having to start from scratch, they can search Sharepoint for documents from other projects that can help them get started quickly. The same is true for existing data bases and networks within the travel company.

Microsoft Sharepoint plugs into these systems so that the team can assess bookings data,inventory and contact information. It creates a home that not only connects information but allows the company to see the big picture. Employees can always look forward to the next project even while they are on vacation too.